Argentina • Tucumán • Santa Lucia

Assembly profile

Workers 33
Permanent Workers 9
Temporary Workers 24
Community Family Members Affected 108
2014 Generated Fair Trade Premium 48751
Acumulated Fair Trade Premiums (2011-2014) 169907
Reserves for Future Investments 48794


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Town Information

Santa Lucia is located in the department of Monteros, 50 km South of the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, on Route 307 that goes to Tafi del Valle.

It has an elementary school and a high school (type "technical-mechanical") and a small Hospital.

It has bus lines to and from Monteros and one bus line to the city of San Miguel de Tucumán.


Assembly information

The assembly of Santa Lucia has acquired one of the best ways of organization and a very inclusive assembly. All workers participate in the  decisions of premium investments, the meetings are advertised on the radio and carried out on the central park, inviting people to join and participate. This assembly not only contributes to the community through the fair trade premium investments, but they also carry out projects and activities by the simple desire to help the area development. One of these projects is being carried out at a rural school in which compost was made. This project contributes directly to the community, creating a space to recycle organic waste and also leads to reflection about the ecological problems that affect the region.

Fair Trade Investments

Project / Investment Project Category Supplier Invoice USD
Food baskets for 36 families Housing and Community Services HADU 42207 32242
Construction materials for 35 wo Housing and Community Services Ferreteria Gonzalito 2684 42957
Wheelchair Health Tecnomed 4 2070.098576
Toilet Housing and Community Services Rosso Hnos 6215 632.7491785
Repair of Hospítal Supplies Health Ferreteria Martin 19619 178.7709497
Food supplies for the families affected by the flood Housing and Comunnity Services Doña Maga 3 1706.484642
Santa Lucia Technical School: Computers Education  Univberso Informatico 4168 6600.794552
3 wheelchairs Health Tecnomed 161/162 2834.46712
Construction materials for workers  Housing and Comunnity Services Casasola- Gonzalito 750-766 27242
Bolsones navideños Housing and Comunnity Services Hadu SRL 40517 8785
Oven for a Group of Women that get together to make lunch boxes for their families Housing and Community Services Castillo  2920-23 926.4
120 Christmast Baskets Housing and Community Services Doña Maga 2 5131.8
Construction Materials for 36 Workers Housing and Community Services Casasola 436 5131.8
Corset Health Ortopedia Sagitario 1183 431.0

School 236: 5 Computers

Santa Lucia´s Radio: 1 Computer for a radio

Education Universo Informatico 1772 5448.6
Center for People with Disabilities: Construction Materials Health Rosso Hnos 4391 317.4
Center for People with Disabilities: Chairs Health Ferreterias Martin 17462 524.3
Catracts Surgery for Miss Gomez Health Centro de Vision 1630 906.4
School 101: 5 computers Education Universo Informatico 1579/1580 5555.9
Benzamin Zorrills School: Construction Materials Education Rosso Hnos  4235 724.6
Center for People with Disabilities 1: Construction Materials Health Rosso Hnos 4236 533.2
Center for People with Disabilities 2: Construction Materials Health Ferreterias Martin 269 3245.9
School 101: Electrical supplies Education Ferreterias el Centro ---- 1026.4
Wheelchair Health Tecnomed 4956 1985.0
School 380: Toilets  Education Castro Materiales 56615 1097
Benjamin Zorrilla School: computer Education Universo Informatico 13634 1785.29
Benjamin Zorrilla School: Education Ferreteria Martin 252 3235.29
School 263: 5 Computers Education Universo Informatico 13633 4646.67
School 263: Fence for an Orchard  Education Centro Jordan Benito 55 2941.18
Santa Lucia´s Hospital: Water tank Health Castro Materiales 57001 920.41
Construction Materials for 21 houses Housing and Community Services Echazu 5671558 19266.06
Antivenom Health D´Andrea 302 186.73
Center for People with Disabilities: 60 chairs and 10 tables Health Echazu 1988 2065.63
Santa Lucia´s Church: Construction materials Housing and Community Services Echazu 1988 5340.53
Sport items for a school Education Antonio Luquin 52 2404.83
Cristmasts Baskets for Workers Housing and Community Services Hadu 41831 2519.33
Computers for 18 Families Education Universo Informatico 11913 16522
Electric Generator for a Hospital Health Ferreteria Martin 207 4835