Argentina • Tucumán • Soldado Maldonado

Assembly profile

Total Workers 317
Permanent Workers
Temporary Workers 8
People Hired for Harvest 305
Asseembly Participation 28%
Community Family Members Affected 1420
2015 Generated Fair Trade Premium (USD) 1586
Acumulated Fair Trade Premiums(2007-2015) (USD) 65445
Reserves for Future Investments (USD) 906

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Town Information

Soldado Maldonado is a town located in the west of Monteros, Tucuman. It is 7km away from Tucuman’s capital and it has 705 inhabitants. The area industry is based on sugar cane, blueberries and citrus harvest.

Assembly information

This assembly has a very effective type of organization; the meetings are open to ex workers and interested people to participate. Investments and projects performed by this assembly have a really effective impact on the surrounding community.

 This year Soldado Maldonado started a parallel project to the premium in order to maximize the benefits for the community. 

Fair Trade Investments

Project/ Investment Project category




Futball clothes for "Los Sosa " club´s kids Housing and Community Services kno 59 1586
Meds for Eusebia Health D Andrea 352 975.505618
Joaquin Castellano School: Painting Supplies Education La Integral SRL 2024 1217.41573
Construction materials for workers Housing and Community Services Rosso Hnos 5880/81/82/83/85 9344.157303
School: Speakers, 5 fans Education Broal 777 1458.901099
Kitchen Supplies Housing and Community Services Castillo Sacifa 55/56/57/98 2621.797753
Meds For Eusebia Health D Andrea 354 357.2222222
Food supplies for Rodriguez  and his Family Housing and Community Services Urueña 260 549.4505495
Food Baskets for Workers Housing and Community Services Emilio Luque 337 2999.56044
Los Sosa proyect library: Construction materials


Rosso -- 7530
Los Sosa proyect library: window glasses.


Avila Vidrios --- 342

Joaquin Castellanos school: 4 fans


Castillo 7 1362
Los Sosa Proyect: Toys and games Education Fabrica Daniel 557/560 30422/30568
Los Sosa Proyect: Ironmongery stuff Education Las Marias 647 30425
Los Sosa Proyect: Didatic Toys Education Tribilin 123 479.17
Los Sosa Proyect: Painting supplies Education Pintureria Diri 808 142.14
Los Sosa Proyect: Perimetrical Fence Education Rosso Hnos. 3159 8516
Los Sosa Protyect: Concrete Blocks Education San Carlos 424 873.39
Los Sosa Proyect: Electricity Materials Education Rodriguez Electrogas 5223 763.26
Los Sosa Proyect: Construction of a kindergarten Education Esteban David Romero 2656 5603.28
Los Sosa Project: Construction Materials Housing and Community Services Rosso Materiales 2259 60344
Los Sosa Project: Electricity Materials Housing and Community Services Rosso Materiales 169630 1747.43
Computers for workers Housing and Community Services Education Carlos Bossini 5863.98
Computers for Workers families Education IBM   8928.57
Fridge for temporary workers Housing and Community Services Mobiliario   597.94