Fair trade projects

As we know from older posts, the assembly of Soldado Maldonado, situated in Argentina, Tucuman, has been working since 2012 in a project called “Los Sosa”.
Los Sosa is a sports club that has been conditioned thanks to the fairtrade premium, and now it also has a library and a nursery.
In 2016 the assembly of Soldado Maldonado decided to buy 68 soccer uniforms for the kids who assist to the club and whose families can't afford to buy them. Due to this investment now they can participate from championship between municipalities which includes kids from 5 to 13 years old.

“It is important for them to play sports as it helps them to develop both physically and
mentally. Physical activity should be part of their routine, it helps them in psychomotor development, it teaches them to work as a team, to recognize the importance of personal effort and above all to do something productive in their free time to prevent them from taking refuge in the streets” says Ivana Palaveccino, the president of Soldado Maldonado assembly.