What is fair trade? •      Fair trade guarantee •     Social development premiums •      Assistance to producer •     Certifications


>1. Fair Price for Producers
A fair price always covers the cost of production and ensures a healthy profit margin which provides both a dignified livelihood for producers and also adequate resources to invest in the quality, capacity and sustainability of production.

>2. Fair Payment Conditions for Producers
Procurement programs, prices, payment terms and other trade conditions are clearly expressed in contracts signed by both parties. Thus, all the conditions are precisely stated for the producers.

>3. Safe Dignified Working Conditions and Fair Wages for Workers
Both permanent and harvest workers work reasonable hours, get benefits and earn a living wage. Working for a farm associated with Interrupción Fair Trade means that working conditions are met, at least the requirements established by law.

>4. Organized Worker Representation
Workers organize themselves through assemblies where they decide on how to use Social Premiums for the benefit of their communities. In this way, they become powerful change agents for the socio-economic development of their communities.

>5. Social Premiums: Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability for Producing communities
Social Premiums are often used for the development of each community and decisions concerning the investment of these funds are made democratically in workers assemblies. Producers and workers get support from INTERRUPCION Interrupción provides producers and workers with support to analyze investment proposals to see if they address the needs of the producing community. To learn more about our job in this area, click HERE

>6. Transparency of Product Origin, From the Seed to the Shelf
Transparency is ensured throughout the production process, from harvest and packaging to export and sales by the verification of all processes by independent third party certifiers, who conduct annual audits. Thus, consumers can know the story and the social and environmental impact of every kind of product they buy. That’s to say, they know what they consume, what values they support and what they cause in the world.